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Pine Tree is the only "living" building material, it breathes. Wood has a unique structure: the inside it at the cellular level is a constant exchange of air. Pine tree completely specific interactions with the mountain environment - it disinfects air, avoiding harmful substances in the house. In a wooden house is always clean air, moisture and oxygen balance are maintained at optimum level regardless of external conditions.
Generally it is difficult to think of anything more perfect in the aesthetic sense than processed natural surface of natural wood with its unique pattern. The premises of such a building full of flavor, and a warm "sun" residential color creates a unique home in the psychological climate, a beneficial effect on our mood and well-being. Complete rest is only possible in such a house. Pine Tree is absolutely ecologically clean natural material.

The "Standard" rooms has two beds, table, TV. Can.uzel and shower common for two rooms.

In "Junior" room has a double bed, two chairs, table, fridge, TV, WC, shower, DVD, electric kettle, hair dryer.

In "Deluxe" includes:
First floor - two armchairs, sofa, table, TV, refrigerator.
Second floor - double bed, TV, WC, shower, DVD, electric kettle, hair dryer.
All this is complemented with exclusive furniture, handmade rugs, linen curtains and nice linens made of natural cotton.
The unique interior of the rooms makes them very cozy.
Indescribable landscape mountains outside the window will leave in your memory incomparable with anything impressions and charge you with energy and high spirits.






  • Single room

    The cost of living for the day $40 Book
  • Double room

    The cost of living for the day $80 Book



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