Nurata located in the foothills of the Nurata Mountains, stretching for hundreds of kilometers from Jizzakh and Hungry steppe, to Navoi and Kyzylkum desert, stretches a small town - Nurata. It is the administrative and cultural center of the mountainous region in Navoi region, and is located nearly 200 km from Samarkand.

It has long been associated with many legends of the origin of the city and its name. The appearance of the city associated with the Noor fortress, which was founded by Alexander the Great in the IV century BC. However, according to archaeological findings, the cultural layer in the area reaches the age of 40 thousand. Years. Presumably, the basis for the choice of location for the settlement was the presence of a source, known as the Chashma.

Legend has it that thousands of years ago to earth fallen fire stone (probably a meteorite), and in its place came the fall of the source of healing water. By the way, this legend is connected and placename Nurata. This name can be translated as "father of the beam" or "ray-father." "Chashma" The complex has long been considered one of the most important centers of Islam in the region, which is visited by thousands of devotees every year not only from the neighboring villages, but also from other countries. Here is the Juma Mosque, Mazar, sauna, hill, the remainder of an ancient fortress, and, of course, well. By the way, say, that sometimes strange lights appear over the source of that once again confirms the local expression "Allah gave us Nur (beam)"!

It is worth mentioning the scientific data on this source: the water temperature in the holy spring is always equal to 19.5 degrees Celsius. The composition of water consists of 15 trace elements, as well as gold, silver, bromine, iodine, which give it a unique healing properties. Moreover, this source of live fish-marinka. Just like water, these fish are considered sacred.

One of the features Nurata is a unique system of underground water channels coming from the sacred source. Such channels are called "kyarizs" and once they were common in many cities of Central Asia. Today Nurata channel system is one of the few surviving, and used by the local population, as well as hundreds of years ago.

Away from the major industrial and tourist centers, Nurata lives his unhurried measured life. The city's population is only 35 thousand and it seems that here all know each other. The simplicity and hospitality of the people, causing a warm feeling for many tourists and pilgrims who annually visit this small beautiful town. Nurata really bright radiant place.





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